We are not an organization or a group. We exist in real life, we are real people, real friends fighting real battles, loving real lovers. We are fed up school bus drivers, free & wild wanderers of the ultra modern age, anarchist parents, transcended satanists, poor workers and little kids. We are everyone and we are no-one. We are everywhere and we are nowhere.

DIY Bandits do not belong to the anarchist scene, punk scene, underground scene, or mainstream scene. Bandits are not interested in being seen as a scene but rather in dismantling all scenes. DIY Bandits only exist when we decide to gather. Understand that when we gather as DIY Bandits, there is no obligation of any kind. You can walk away at any moment - DIY Bandits is something that you can pick up when you want and throw it away the instant you don’t trust it or doubt its worth.

August 15th 2012
The second full length Ramshackle Glory album, "Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?" is available in the store.

Grab that shit!!!

August 3rd 2012
Fresh of the press! Meegz Tape Volume 1 by Phat Meegz is out now. 6 brand spanking new songs. Don't pretend you saw this coming.

Download the first track here. Buy the full Meegz Tape here.

July 26th 2012
This Is A Robbery have released a new song, The Devil Takes The Hindmost.
In true Chris Burrows fashion it's about robbin' banks, killin' cops, sellin' drugs to highschool kids and hating the evil capitalist empire in general. You gonna love it!

Download it here.